slip tableNeoCast - Light Metal Technologies is a magnesium foundry producing slip tables and head expanders also castings for vibration devices. We have 12 years of experience in the foundry business and our casting quality satisfies the most demanding automotive industry requirements. We are here to help you with any magnesium gravity casting needs. Vibration testing of components is a critical aspect of design validation in modern engineering. This type of testing ensures that components do not fail due to fatigue or fasteners do not shake loose in service.


Magnesium alloys are utilized in engineering design mainly because of their high strength-weight ratios, excellent machinability, and relatively low cost on a piece basis. The specific gravity of magnesium is 1.74, making it the lightest structural metal. Magnesium alloys weigh about 0.064 to 0.067 pound per cubic inch (1.75 to 1.85 grams per cubic centimeter) as against approximately 0.091 to 0.108 pound (2.5 to 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter) for aluminum alloys and 0.283 pound (7.8 grams per cubic centimeter) for steel. Alloys of magnesium are found to be especially useful in transportation and portable equipment as well as for parts, which are subject to frequent and rapid changes in position.

magnesium castingNeoCast - Light Metal Technologies is a magnesium foundry producing sand and permanent mold  magnesium castings since 2005. We have 12 years of experience in the foundry business and our casting quality satisfies the most demanding automotive industry requirements. We are here to help you with any magnesium gravity casting needs.

There have been numerous improvements to our facilities and operations in the past few years: new automatic sand system, new and improved sandmix machine, company wide training in all areas.

magnesium billet / blockIn our foundry we cast magnesium block then cut in the cuboid form of a size requested by the customer. Our specific expertise, experience and technological resources allow us to manufacture a single block up to 100kg of its weight. We offer forms of the following magnesium alloys: AZ91, AZ31, AM60, as a fixed range of products. Moreover, we provide blocks of other magnesium based alloys such as: RZ5, Elektron21, etc. We may pleasurably declare that we are currently the only one manufacturer of the magnesium billets located in East Europe (the material is produced in Poland and it is not imported from Far East).

plasma oxidized magnesium castingMagnesium alloys are characterized by lower corrosion resistance, therefore, in some applications it is necessary to apply a protective layer against oxidation. With the available anti-corrosion coatings on magnesium alloys, plasma electrolytic oxidation achieves the best anti-corrosion effects as well as enhanced hardness and aesthetically appearance.

Magnesium Tig WeldingNeoCast - Light Metal Technologies offer an extensive range of magnesium alloy welding rod for TIG (argon arc) welding. AZ92A is the most popular wire and produce superior joints with the maximum tensile strength offered by this alloy. AZ92A is Mg - 9 Al - 2 Zn welding alloy which finds wide use for fabricating and repair welding of many similar compositions. Casting repair and refurbishment is the most common application. AZ92A is preferred for joining many casting alloys.

magnesium anodeNeoCast's magnesium anodes are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes for use in seawater, brackish water, and fresh water cathodic protection systems. Our experience in producing galvanic anodes assures that you will receive top quality anodes that will effectively inhibit corrosion when used in a properly designed and maintained cathodic protection system. NeoCast's magnesium anodes conform in composition to the requirements of European Union standards. This 6% aluminum, 3% zinc alloy (AZ-63) usually provides the best combination of economy and operating characteristics in seawater or brackish water. For further information, or to discuss your specific requirements, contact our sales office.

NeoCast is a company in the development and supply of high quality extruded products. We offer a full range of extruded magnesium alloys and we also continue to develop new alloys, metal matrix composites for future applications. NeoCast produces extruded magnesium alloys to a variety of specifications and customer requirements. Magnesium extrusions are typically specified by the EN standard. This spec defines chemical specifications, minimum mechanical properties and dimensional tolerances for an extruded magnesium product.  All extruded profiles are considered. We can help bring your idea to reality. 

EN960 head formWe are proud to announce that NeoCast is now in a position to supply you with a set of magnesium alloy headforms (all standard sizes available, see Fig. 1) that fully comply with all the requirements of the current EN960:2006 standard in terms of shape, precision-balanced centre of gravity and high resonance frequency. The optimal properties of our headforms are the fruit of a major research commitment and the use of new technologies throughout the entire production cycle. In the design stage, we use state-of-the-art CAD programs to create digital schematics enabling us to include all the technical parameters to be taken into account in the production of the desired headforms.