Machining of magnesium headModern machinery park and many years of experience in the field of light metal processing (magnesium and aluminum) allows us to realize orders for many industries - i.e. automotive, aviation. As a reliable partner, we have been successfully cooperating with both domestic and foreign companies, continually increasing our capabilities and production capacities, adapting ourselves to the latest development trends and the needs of the automotive, window, casting. Using professional CAD / CAM and machine tools we can make non-standard parts with very complicated shapes according to the supplied technical documentation of the customer in very short time (rapid prototyping)

In the scope of prototyping offers, the metal foundry of NeoCast is pursuing projects based on access to modern machinery park, thus satisfying the needs of customers in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. NEOCAST specializes in small-scale production of prototype pressure castings, durable squeeze casting, sand castings and dies.