In the scope of prototyping offers, the metal foundry of NeoCast is pursuing projects based on access to modern machinery park, thus satisfying the needs of customers in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. NEOCAST specializes in small-scale production of prototype pressure castings, durable squeeze casting, sand castings and dies.

Scope of the offer:

  • Concept of the patterns;
  • Patterns;
  • 3D scan;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Manufacturing of the tools (soft or hard tools);
  • High pressure die casting - clamping force 1.6MN;
  • Sand casting. Vacuum technology;
  • Plaster mold;
  • Squeeze casting;
  • CNC machining

The advantages

  • Delivery time is from 5-10 working days;
  • No tool costs are required;
  • Extremely complex parts with undercuts can easily be produced. Also drafts angles and parting-line definitions are not required;
  • Thin wall thicknesses of from 1 mm or less can be produced;
  • The level of porosities is very limited because vacuum is applied in the casting process;
  • A number of different alloys can be offered;

Post treatments

After casting we offer a number of different post treatments:

  • Heat treatments - F, T4, T6 or other;
  • CNC machining;
  • X-Ray Analysis or CT (computed tomography);
  • Surface treatments - plasma oxidation or painting